Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Immunization and vaccines related implementation research advisory committee (IVIR-AC)

Meetings and operational procedures

In 2012 IVIR-AC will meet only once. However, from 2013 onwards, on the expectation that the volume of work will increase and agenda setting and prioritization in implementation research is set, IVIR-AC meetings will be organized twice a year. All members are expected to attend and contribute to these meetings. The working language of IVIR-AC will be English. IVIR-AC members are expected to contribute to the development of the meeting agenda.

Background materials and documents will be distributed through a SharePoint site, in general, a minimum of two weeks prior to the meetings.

IVIR-AC working groups will be established on an as-needed basis by WHO in consultation with the IVIR chair. These groups will assist in increasing the effectiveness of IVIR-AC discussions by reviewing and providing evidence-based information and options for review, together with the associated implications, and presenting them in advance of IVIR’s annual meetings. Working groups will be established on a time limited basis to help address specific technical questions or identified issues for which specific expertise outside of the group is sought, or when the review of evidence is determined to be particularly complex. Generally, a working group would include one, maximum two IVIR-AC members and a WHO focal point who will take the lead in the preparations and discussions of the working group.

IVIR-AC meetings will, in principle, be open to all interested parties. Closed sessions will be held only to discuss agenda items of a specific confidential nature. The WHO secretariat may also invite other colleagues or specific topic experts to IVIR-AC meetings, including representatives from other WHO advisory groups, non-governmental organizations, civil society, international professional organizations, technical agencies, donor organizations, associations of manufacturers of vaccines and immunization technologies. These representatives attend the meeting as ad-hoc representatives but will not be allowed to participate in closed sessions or in the formulation of recommendations.

A report of each meeting will be compiled by WHO or an assigned rapporteur. The report will be reviewed by the IVIR-AC Chair, IVIR-AC members and Director, IVB and finalized by WHO Secretariat before being posted on the public IVIR-AC website within two months of each meeting. The executive summary will be published in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record (WER). Before IVIR-AC’s recommendations are accepted as WHO position, they will be reviewed and formally accepted by the Director, IVB.