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Tables of malaria vaccine projects globally

"The Rainbow Tables"

Malaria vaccines are considered amongst the most important modalities for potential prevention of malaria disease and reduction of malaria transmission. Research and development in this field has been an area of intense effort by many groups over the last few decades. Despite this, there is currently no licensed malaria vaccine. Researchers, clinical trialists and vaccine developers have been working on many approaches to bring forward the availability of a malaria vaccine.

These spreadsheets have been compiled by WHO with the help of several major malaria vaccine funding agencies, individual investigators and groups. We gratefully acknowledge the input of all those who contributed. The tables provide an abbreviated description of the information provided to WHO. Currently these spreadsheets represent the most complete publicly available summary of malaria vaccine projects at advanced pre-clinical and clinical stages globally. We actively solicit input from groups whose works are listed in these worksheets to provide information to complete missing cells, where such information is of use to the global community and is appropriate to be placed in the public domain. Please also report links which no longer work or any possible errors to

The pre-clinical projects are intended to represent only projects which are at a serious pre-clinical process development stage with a reasonably high chance of reaching clinical evaluation. Projects listed as "clinical" have begun vaccination of the first study participants. Many of the discontinued projects have contributed greatly to ongoing development of new iterations. It is intended that once a clinical project has completed, with a final study report available, the project should be moved to the “inactive/discontinued” section.

The contents of these tables do not represent the position or policy of the World Health Organization, which cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions.

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