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Maternal immunization research and implementation portfolio

The Initiative for Vaccine Research (IVR) Maternal Immunization Team seeks to garner information from the public health community on current activities relevant to maternal immunization worldwide. Such information may include disease surveillance targeting pregnant women or young children, vaccine trials in pregnant women, vaccine demonstration projects, vaccine safety initiatives, or other activities that will strengthen the knowledge base for vaccine policies targeting pregnant women.

This portfolio will help the public health community and its partners to identify relevant ongoing activities as well as potential activity gaps in need of further attention.

For this 1st version 153 stakeholders from academia, governmental organizations, academic experts, NGOs, and industry were contacted and 84 activities were submitted. WHO will update the portfolio regularly to track the progress of maternal immunization globally.

WHO is neither responsible nor accountable for activities implemented by entering entities outside specific project agreements. Through the portfolio, WHO aims to bring together experts from academia, industry, public health, donor agencies, and other stakeholder institutions to improve data sharing and to coordinate interaction in the field. WHO would like to thank all groups that contributed to this portfolio.

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