Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Ad hoc working group Meeting of the Advisory Committee on immunization and vaccines-related implementation research (IVIR-AC)

Background, meeting objectives and expected outcomes


This was the second annual meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization and Vaccines-related Implementation Research (IVIR-AC) since its scope was broadened to include implementation research topics (former QUIVER-AC). The Advisory Committee not only reviewed methods used for certain implementation research topics but also deliberated on the new strategic directions of the Committee. Starting point of the discussions was the WHO priority setting exercise on implementation research related to immunization program.

Meeting objectives

The purpose of this meeting was to review and discuss the immunization and vaccine related implementation research themes with regard to:

  • minimizing barriers and improve coverage of vaccines currently in use;
  • conducting impact evaluation of vaccines in use: and
  • improving methods for monitoring of immunization programmes.

Expected outcomes

  • Endorsement of the methods used for implementation research themes mentioned above.
  • Strategic directions and topics for IVIR-AC to address in future meetings and working groups.