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Consultation on the updated vision and strategic goals of the malaria vaccine technology roadmap

5 February 2013


The malaria vaccine technology roadmap was launched in 2006 at the WHO Global Vaccine Research Forum and established a shared vision, strategic goal (2025) and landmark (2015) for development of malaria vaccines. The roadmap also identified 11 priority areas in four categories: research, vaccine development, key capacities, policy and commercialization.

At a WHO scientific forum held in Geneva on 23-24 February 2012, a consensus was reached on the need to update the roadmap vision and 2025 strategic goal in response to a number of changes since 2006, including changes in the strategic role of malaria vaccines and changes in malaria epidemiology and control status.

At their February 2012 meeting, the WHO Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee (MALVAC) recommended that WHO lead this updating process. The Malaria Vaccine Funders group also supported the need for this update, facilitated by WHO.

Objectives of the meeting

Through a broad consultative process, the focus was on updating the roadmap vision and strategic goal(s).

Based on discussions at the February 2012 WHO Scientific Forum and WHO MALVAC, the update broadened the roadmap vision and strategic goal(s) to include:

  • a larger geographic scope;
  • older age groups;
  • species beyond P. falciparum; and
  • the need for the vaccines to reduce or prevent transmission in addition to morbidity and mortality.

Meeting outcome

To reach a consensus on updated vision and strategic goals for the global malaria vaccine research and development community.