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20-21 February 2012: Scientific forum: Accelerating development of second generation malaria vaccines

A first generation malaria vaccine is in Phase 3 trials, with over 15,000 infants and young children enrolled in 7 African countries. The first of three sets of results from the Phase 3 trial were made available in October 2011. The malaria vaccine community is committed to the malaria vaccine technology roadmap goal of development of an 80% efficacy vaccine by 2025. It is also accepted that substantial impact on transmission will be one important aspect of second generation vaccine performance.

This meeting was convened by WHO to review progress of second generation malaria vaccines, review the lessons learned by malaria vaccine development over the last 5 years and discuss ways to maximize the possibility of achieving the 2025 roadmap goal.

The overall objective was to provide an update on the current global portfolio and agree on the best approach regarding acceleration of second generation malaria vaccine development. Specific objectives included:

  • understanding lessons learned from completed malaria vaccine projects;
  • summarizing current rate-limiting steps for second generation malaria vaccine development; and
  • considering innovative ways to shorten timelines for second generation development.