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22 February 2012: MALVAC committee and malaria vaccine funder’s group meeting

9th Meeting of the WHO malaria vaccine advisory committee (MALVAC) - morning

The WHO/IVR Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee (MALVAC) was established in September 2002, following IVAC recommendations in June 2002. The mandate of the committee includes providing IVR with guidance on strategic priorities and activities as well as advice on critical scientific knowledge gaps in malaria vaccine development and the identification of new research areas to focus on in order to answer outstanding questions that are potential barriers to accelerated malaria vaccine development.

At this meeting, MALVAC considered the outcome of the scientific forum meeting and provided recommendations to WHO on ways to increase global efficiencies in development of a second generation malaria vaccine

Meeting objectives included:

  • to review and discuss progress of IVR's key activities over the last year since the last MALVAC meeting in Nov 2010;
  • to consider candidate recommendations on acceleration of development of second generation malaria vaccines;
  • to provide an update on activities in the priority areas of the malaria vaccine roadmap; and
  • to discuss and identify key areas of need in malaria vaccine R&D for collaborative efforts/activities among the funding agencies.

Expected outcomes of the meeting were:

  • to provide analysis and feedback on scientific forum;
  • to provide guidance and recommendations on current IVR activities;
  • to identify new areas in malaria vaccine research and development where IVR can play a role in as initiator or facilitator; and
  • give recommendations on the planned activities/proposed workplans of current and proposed technical working groups to address issues related to improving the nonclinical and clinical evaluation of candidate malaria vaccines, as well as reshaping the committee's increasing normative role and function.

Malaria vaccine funders' group meeting - afternoon

The Malaria Vaccine Funders group was initiated at the 1st MALVAC meeting, with the common purpose being their support for global malaria vaccine development efforts.

This group consists of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership, the European Vaccine Initiative, European Commission, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative, US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Parasitology Branch, United States Agency for International Development, Wellcome Trust, and WHO/IVR/TDR.

It was agreed that the agencies would work with IVR and the Advisory Committee in identifying areas of potential collaboration among the groups as well as developing areas of common activities. IVR is the focal point of this group.

This meeting was held in the afternoon after the MALVAC Committee meeting in the morning. Objectives of this meeting included:

  • discuss current strategies and focus of each agency in malaria vaccine research and development;
  • share information and updates and discuss on current activities among the agencies; and
  • update on state of activities in priority areas of the malaria vaccine roadmap and to discuss further strategic alliances of the group.

Expected outcomes of this meeting included:

  • Identification of key joint activities and next steps for implementation of activities in the context of group's common goals; and
  • Identify synergies for development of a second generation malaria vaccine