Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals


Meetings 2008

Meeting Title Location Date
4th WHO Meeting on Evaluation of Pandemic Influenza Prototype Vaccines in Clinical Trials WHO HQ, Geneva 14-15 Feb
Scientific Meeting on the Results of the Merck Trials Pattaya, Thailand 17-18 Mar
Meeting on the WHO-UNAIDS AIDS Vaccine Advisory Committee (VAC) Pattaya, Thailand 18-19 Mar
IVR Vaccine Advisory Committee (IVAC) Meeting 2008 WHO HQ, Geneva 26-27 May
MALVAC Scientific Forum Meeting WHO HQ, Geneva
Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting (MALVAC) 2008 WHO HQ, Geneva 2-3 Jun
Global Vaccine Research Forum and Parallel Satellite Symposia 2008 Paris, France 29 Jun - 2 Jul
Diarrhoeal and Enteric Diseases Vaccines Advisory Committee (DEVAC) WHO HQ, Geneva 7-9 Oct
Quantitative Immunization and Vaccines Related Research Advisory Committee (QUIVER) CICG, Geneva 21-22 Oct
The Global Action Plan to increase supply of pandemic influenza vaccines - Second meeting of the Advisory Group Pune, Maharashtra, India 26 Nov
Meeting with international partners on prospects for influenza vaccine technology transfer to developing countries Pune, Maharashtra, India 27-28 Nov