Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals


Meetings 2005

Meeting Title Location Date
Second WHO meeting on the development of influenza vaccines that induce broad spectrum and long-lasting immune responses WHO HQ, Geneva 6-7 Dec
WHO meeting on development and evaluation of influenza pandemic vaccines WHO HQ, Geneva 2-3 Nov
Meeting of the Task Force on Clinical Trials of Dengue Vaccines Washingon, USA 11 Dec
Development of Influenza Vaccines with Broad Spectrum and Long-Lasting Immune Responses WHO HQ, Geneva 6-7 Dec
Novel Adjuvants Conference and Workshop Cambridge UK 5-8 Dec
Malaria Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting (MALVAC) 2005 Cali, Columbia 29 Nov - 1 Dec
Defining Correlates for Portection for Dengue Vaccines WHO HQ, Geneva 17-18 Nov
Seventh Meeting of the Product Development Group for Measles Aerosol Vaccine WHO HQ, Geneva 7-8 Nov
Development and Evaluation of Influenza Pandemic Vaccines Geneva, Switzerland 2-3 Nov
TB Clinical Trials: Immunological and Clinical Endpoints Oxford, UK 2-4 Nov
Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training Workshop Bali, Indonesia 24-28 Oct
Third Forum of the African AIDS Vaccine Programme (AAVP) Younde, Cameroon 17-19 Oct
Consultation on Meningococcal Carriage studies in Africa WHO HQ, Geneva 23 Sept
Workshop for the Development of Standard Definitions and Methods for Epidemiological Studies and Vaccine Trials for Group A Streptococcus Cairns, Australia 23-24 Sept
Annual Meeting on the Cost-Effectiveness and Delivery of Future HIV Vaccine Nanyuki, Kenya 18-21 Sept
Malaria Vaccines Evaluation Group: Assay Meeting Bethesda, USA 12-14 Sept
Ethics, Law, Human Rights and HIV Vaccine Development: Capacity Building Workshop for African Resource Persons (REC/IRB Members ) involved in Ethical Review. Dakar, Senegal 25-27 Aug
Technical Meeting on Animal Models and Antibody Assays for Evaluating Candidate SARS Vaccines London, UK 25-26 Aug
Francophone Media Training Workshop Bamako, Mali 22-25 Aug
Technical Workshop: The Role of Laboratory Detection of Human Papillomavirus in Disease Prevention and Control Globally WHO HQ, Geneva 15-17 Aug
IVR Vaccine Advisory Committee Meeting Salvador da Bahia, Brazil 16 June
Global Vaccine Research Forum & Parallel Satellite Symposia 2005 Salvador da Bahia, Brazil 12-15 June
Steering Committee on New Vaccine Delivery Systems WHO HQ, Geneva 4-6 May
Steering Committee Meeting on Dengue & Other Flaviviruses Vaccines WHO HQ, Geneva 27-28 April
Meeting of the Steering Committee on Research related to Measles and Rubella Vaccines and Vaccination New Delhi, India 19-21 April
Cellular Mediated Immune-Responses to Human Papillomavirus: Prospects for Vaccine Development WHO HQ, Geneva 18-19 April
Consultation on the Human Papillomavirus Expert Advisory Group WHO HQ, Geneva 14-15 April
Steering Committee on Diarrhoeal Disease Vaccines Paris, France 12-13 April
Consultation on Ethical Considerations related to the Provision of Care and Treatment in Vaccine Trials Blantyre, Malawi 15-16 March
Global Leaders Meeting Montreux, Switzerland 2-3 Feb
Vaccine Advisory Committee Montreux, Switzerland 2-4 Feb
Eighth Meeting of the African AIDS Vaccine Programme (AAVP) Steering Committee Montreux, Switzerland 1 Feb
Close out Meeting of the International Steering Committee and Data and Safety Monitoring Board of the Gambia Pneumococcal Vaccine Trial London, United Kingdom 26-27 Jan
Standardization of Methods to Evaluate Immune Responses to Influenza Vaccines WHO HQ, Geneva 25 Jan
Planning Meeting for National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) in collaboration with Access to Technologies and African AIDS Vaccine Programme (AAVP) Regional Regulatory Task Force Meeting Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 24-28 Jan
Pneumococcal Accelerated Development and Introduction Plan (ADIP) Investigators Meeting: Surveillance of Laboratory Confirmed Pneumococcal Diseases Dakha, Bangladesh 17-18 Jan
Workshop on BED Assay Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 17-21 Jan