Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Systematic review of missed opportunities for vaccination

Request For Proposals

Proposal Submission/Research Plan

The research plan should include a brief summary of the study, a description of inclusion and exclusion criteria, a list of the appropriate publications, sources and methods the researchers will use for identifying materials and a “brainstorm” of associations or concepts related to the research topic and the conduct of the review.

The following information, should be included within the submission (maximum 10 pages):

  • Project description with goals and objectives.
  • A detailed proposal (research design and methods) for conducting the systematic review, including methods proposed for analysis and pooling of data from published and unpublished studies.
  • General information about the planned research team, including roles and responsibilities on this project.
  • Project budget and justification. Applicants must provide a detailed budget, with accompanying justification for all proposed expenses. The budget should include costs per task and deliverable and the applicable Programme Support Costs (PSC), if appropriate. Total proposed costs will be considered when evaluating the application.
  • Projected timeline, including major milestones, anticipated completion dates and projected completion date for the project.
  • Anticipated challenges for this particular review regarding time, organization, and management and how the applicant team proposes to meet those challenges.
  • Declaration relating to conflicts of interest for proposed key personnel (form provided below).
  • Contact information for your organization including the full name of the organization, address and signed cover letter from an institutional official supporting the submission.
  • Use additional pages as necessary to include short biographies of the core members of the research team: include relevant expertise and experience. Provide information on anticipated involvement of any partner organizations if applicable.