Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Systematic review of missed opportunities for vaccination

Request For Proposals


A Final Report will be due upon an agreed date, ideally within 12 months after the project commencement date. The final product will be a systematic review Report including the following elements:

  • Executive summary, including objectives and main findings
  • Background
  • Research question(s) and study objectives
  • Search strategy for sources of evidence, including information on the databases and resources used
  • Selection criteria for quality of evidence (inclusion and exclusion criteria)
  • Data collection and analysis (critical assessment), including statistical pooling or meta-analysis of data, if applicable
  • Tables including GRADEing of the evidence for previously agreed critical outcomes.
  • Main results and/or main conclusions of the review in answering the initial research question(s)
  • Authors’ conclusions and perceived immunization policy implications of missed opportunities
  • Implications of findings for further research
  • Citations and access to the key extracted data (to be posted in a publicly available searchable data base)

The analysis must include interpretative commentary with respect to sources of error, bias and confounders in the reviewed studies. The Report may also identify key limitations in the data and note where the quality of the data compromises the ability to estimate the magnitude of missed opportunities for vaccination in LMICs. The Report may also make suggestions for future work and methodologies to address any shortcomings of existing evidence on missed opportunities. A representative of the research team will be expected to attend at least two WHO expert consultations and present information about their work.

A comment period will commence following the submission of the Draft and Final Report to IVB. Within a reasonable amount of time following its submission, IVB will initiate a peer review of each Report and submit questions and comments. Teams are expected to provide a written response to IVB. Public release of the Final Report will occur after the review process is completed. While a draft manuscript is not a requirement or deliverable of this project, research teams are encouraged to publish the content of the Final Report in an appropriate peer reviewed journal.