Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

SAGE meeting of April 2012 - Disclaimer

SalleA, CCV, Geneva, 10-12 April 2012

Background document

The presentation from Anthony Battersby given at the 3-4 April meeting was repeated, with minor modifications, at a meeting of the WHO Immunization Practices Advisory Committee on April 18. The latter slide set is provided, so that the most recent information is available. Slide 24 refers to a small-scale study conducted in the PATH laboratory and compares the time taken to administer a dose of vaccine from a single dose rather than a multi-dose vial. However, administration of the injection is only one part of the whole child immunization activity; it is preceded by session preparation and consultation with the child's carer and is followed by waste handling and disposal/destruction. More data are needed to establish, in a more operational and holistic setting, how long it actually takes to provide the complete service to a child using 10-dose and single-dose vials, on a whole session basis.

The first bullet on slide 23 of the report from the 3-4 April consultation delivered at SAGE by Elwyn Griffiths should be interpreted in this context.