Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

Professor Elizabeth Miller

Head - Immunization Department, Health Protection Agency, Center for Infections, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Miller is a Consultant Epidemiologist, having served as Head of the Immunisation Department for 15 years, at the Health Protection Agency, Centre for Infections, in Colindale North West London, United Kingdom.

Professor Miller joined the Epidemiological Research Laboratory of the Public Health Laboratory Service as a Medical Epidemiologist in 1978. The Epidemiological Research Laboratory had a long history of vaccine-related research and she was recruited to work on the large post-licensure safety and efficacy studies of pertussis vaccines that were being conducted following the collapse of the UK whooping cough immunization programme in the mid 1970s. This experience prompted her continuing interest in the risks and benefits of vaccination programmes and organising trials of new vaccines.

To date, Professor Miller has authored over 250 peer reviewed publications relating to vaccines and immunization programmes. She has been involved with trials of acellular pertussis, MMR, Hib, meningococcal C vaccines and more recently with the new pneumococcal and HPV vaccines as well as A/H1N1 pandemic vaccines. Her other research interests include seroepidemiology and mathematical modeling, vaccine safety studies and viral infections in pregnancy.

Professor Miller has a wide experience of committee membership, covering bodies such as the UK and European licensing authorities, the WHO Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, various Data Safety Monitoring Boards, the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation subgroups and scientific organisations such as the Medical Research Council.

Last updated: 1 September 2010