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National advisory committees on immunization

The majority of developed and some developing countries have formally established national technical advisory bodies to guide immunization policies. Other countries are working towards or contemplating the establishment of such bodies. These advisory bodies are often referred to as National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs). National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGs) are multidisciplinary groups of national experts responsible for providing independent, evidence-informed advice to policy makers and programme managers on policy issues related to immunization and vaccines. The Global Vaccine Action Plan (see link below) calls for all country to establish or have access to such a NITAG by 2020.

Information on NITAGs by country is available through the NITAG Resource Center (NRC). The NRC offers NITAG members and secretariats and interested parties a centralized access to NITAG related tools, NITAG recommendations from around the world and the background documents used to issue them, systematic reviews, innovative scientific publications, technical reports, updates from partners, and upcoming immunization events. The Resource Centre is maintained by WHO. The NRC interface is adapted for accessing via computer, tablet and smartphone.

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