Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

SAGE February 2012 meeting

SAGE members discussing during the meeting
C. Scudamore

An extraordinary SAGE meeting was held from 16-17 February in Geneva to discuss the Decade of Vaccines Global Action Plan. SAGE members were presented with the latest version of the Global Vaccine Action Plan, together with feedback from the consultations with countries and stakeholders, projected costs and financing as well as the accountability framework. SAGE endorsed the Decade of Vaccines vision in which all individuals and communities enjoy lives free from vaccine-preventable diseases. SAGE called for a clearer definition of the roles and responsibilities of WHO, UNICEF and the GAVI Alliance in the further development and implementation of the plan. At the same time, SAGE emphasized the need for firm WHO leadership and coordination at all levels.

SAGE also reviewed the draft Global Polio Eradication Emergency Action Plan for 2012-2013 and applauded India’s achievement in completing one year without polio. However, SAGE was particularly concerned about the increase in wild poliovirus transmission in Pakistan and Nigeria and stressed the importance of identifying key lessons learned from India’s success and replicating them in the action plans of other polio endemic countries.

The meeting agenda, list of participants, presentations, background readings and report are all available at the following link.

The next SAGE meeting will be held from 10-12 April 2012.