Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

SAGE meeting of 8 - 10 November 2011

Background documents

Yellow book

Report from IVB Director including status of implementation of recommendations

Report from GAVI secretariat

Report from other Advisory Committees in Immunization



Decade of Vaccines

Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint

Monitoring national immunization coverage: WHO and UNICEF estimates of national

Reinforcing surveillance

Review of serotype replacement in the setting of PCV7 use and implications for the PCV10/PCV13 era

Optimizing immunization schedules for conjugate pneumococcal vaccines

Polio Eradication

Please note that the document entitled "IVI, 2010. An investment case for the accelerated introduction of oral Cholera vaccines + Appendices" has not been made publicly available due to its confidential content.

TB vaccines

TB vaccines Strategic Blueprint, draft 5 October 2011
For copyright reasons, the draft document presented at the SAGE meeting cannot currently be made available on a public website. A new link will be provided here once the final document has been published.

Hepatitis A