Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

SAGE Working Group on H5N1 influenza vaccine (November 2008 to November 2010)

Terms of Reference

  • Facilitate a SAGE review and decision on potential evidence-based recommendations on the use during the current inter-pandemic period of:
    • H5N1 influenza vaccines in persons at high-risk of infection with H5N1 avian influenza virus and/or and in certain priority groups (as identified by country plans) or in the general population
    • WHO stockpiled H5N1 influenza vaccines reaching the end of their shelf life.
  • Identify essential gaps in evidence that may impede the WG from answering question related to I and II.


SAGE Members

  • Supamit Chunsuttiwat, Chair (SAGE member until August 2010)
  • Art Reingold


  • Yoshio Hirota, Department of Public Health, Japan
  • Jacqueline Katz, Centres of Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  • Daniel Koch, Federal Office of Public Health, Switzerland
  • Paul-Henri Lambert, Centre Médical Universitaire, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Nguyen Thu Van, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Viet Nam (resigned from Working Group)
  • Albert Osterhaus, Erasmus MC, Netherlands
  • Michael Selgelid, Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Australia

WHO Secretariat

  • Marie-Paule Kieny
  • Peter Carrasco


All members completed a declaration of interests. Only two members below reported any relevant interests:

Dr Jacqueline Katz
Dr Jacqueline Katz reported a cooperative research and development agreement from Nobilon - BioDiem awarded to CDC.

Professor Albert Osterhaus
Professor Albert Osterhaus is employed by both Erasmus MC (0.8 full time equivalent) and Viroclinics Biosciences BV (0.2 full time equivalent). Erasmus MC is receiving major grant support from the European Commission and Dutch National Genomics to contribute to countering the public health threat caused by new and emerging infectious diseases in Europe and for development of novel intervention strategies against respiratory viral infections respectively. He holds share certificates of Viroclinics Biosciences BV (9.9%) and holds minority shares in Isoconova AB. Previously he held share certificates with Coronovative. He is also Chairman of the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza, an independent group of European scientists promoting the study of influenza.

Last reviewed: 27 October 2010