Immunization, Vaccines and Biologicals

SAGE Working Group on measles (September 2006 to July 2011)

Terms of Reference

  • Review experience with and make recommendations for adapting current immunization strategies
  • Identify the key information gaps to be addressed before a decision can be made about the next global measles control goal (i.e., beyond 2010)


SAGE Members

  • Hyam Bashour, Chair
  • Jose Ignacio Santos (SAGE member until November 2008)


  • Steve Cochi, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA
  • Ed Hoekstra, UNICEF, USA
  • Robert Hall, WHO WPRO Technical Advisory Group on Immunization, Monash University, Australia
  • Peter Ndumbe, WHO AFRO Task Force on Immunization, Buea University, Cameroon
  • Sudath Peiris, Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

WHO Secretariat

  • Peter Strebel
  • Alya Dabbagh
  • Tracey Goodman


All members completed a declaration of interests. Only one member reported relevant interests. All interests were assessed not to constitute a conflict of interest. It was concluded that all members could take part in full in all of the discussions. The reported relevant interests are summarized below:

José Santos
  • Received honoraria between the years 2009 and 2010 for giving 4 lectures or presentations at meetings in Viet Nam, the Philippines, Australia and China, funded by the pharmaceutical industry (mainly GlaxoSmithKline). The lectures covered the accelerated introduction of paediatric vaccines in Latin America, including MMR , Haemophilus influenzae type b, hepatitis B and rotavirus vaccines. These interests were assessed as personal, non specific and financially insignificant*.

* According to WHO's Guidelines for Declaration of Interests (WHO expert), an interest is considered "personal" if it generates financial or non-financial gain to the expert, such as consulting income or a patent. "Specificity" states whether the declared interest is a subject matter of the meeting or work to be undertaken. An interest has "financial significance" if the honoraria, consultancy fee or other received funding, including those received by expert's organization, from any single vaccine manufacturer or other vaccine-related company exceeds 10,000 USD in a calendar year. Likewise, a shareholding in any one vaccine manufacturer or other vaccine-related company in excess of 1,000 USD would also constitute a "significant shareholding".

Last reviewed: 22 August 2011