Immunization standards

Laboratory animal science and husbandry for vaccine quality control

Course on laboratory animal science and husbandry for vaccine quality control at National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), The Netherlands

The use of laboratory animals constitutes an essential part in quality control of vaccines. The improvement of the conditions in the animal facility and staff-training are increasingly recognized as good ways to ensure that only quality vaccines are released in developing countries. The main focus of this course will be to contribute to the standardization/optimization of the use and the reduction of experimental animals for production and quality control of vaccines.

This course is intended for laboratory animal scientists and animal technicians employed in animal facilities from vaccine-producing institutes. Because the course will include practical work with experimental animals, the number of participants is limited to ten (10).

Course overview

The duration of the course is two weeks, and it will be held at the RIVM facilities. The basic principle of the curriculum is to promote a division of tasks and responsibilities between animal facility staff and quality control staff, in such a way that specialized animal handling procedures such as immunizations, bleedings etc. will be performed by the animal house-staff.

The course will be conducted by staff of RIVM's Central Animal Laboratory and the Quality Control Laboratory, as well as by invited lecturers. A comprehensive course manual consisting of modules addressing specific topics will be handed out to participants. Course topics (addressed in lectures and seminars) include: biology and animal husbandry; the laboratory animal facility and management; experimental techniques in vaccine quality control; GLP/GMP; ethical aspects and animal welfare. Practical work will be executed by the participants within the RIVM Central Animal Laboratory. The ratio theory to practical work will be approximately 2:1.

Course fees apply.

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