Immunization standards

E004 Insulated containers, cold boxes and vaccine carriers

The following performance specifications and verification protocols for E004 category insulated containers were approved by the PQS Steering Group on 8 December 2008. With this approval, all E004 products that are listed in the PIS 2000 edition (and new items added to the PIS since publication of 2000 edition) are subjected to a new review based on PQS procedures as A guideline for manufacturers of insulated containers and coolant packs type water-packs (WHO/PQS/E04-E05/GUIDE.1.3). The PIS list of products for E004 and E005 is now considered invalid and is replaced by the published PQS list. Effective 8 December 2008, all new applications for prequalification of insulated containers must follow PQS procedures.

Vaccine cold box

Vaccine carrier

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