Indoor air pollution

African training workshop on indoor air pollution and household energy monitoring

Kampala, Uganda, 13-17 June 2005

WHO, in collaboration with the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the German Development Cooperation (GTZ), the Center for Entrepreneurship in International Health and Development of the University of Berkeley, and the Aprovecho Research Center, organized an African training workshop to empower governmental and non-governmental agencies to evaluate the impact of their intervention projects on indoor air pollution levels, health and wellbeing, the socioeconomic situation of the household, and the local and global environment.

Agenda of the meeting

Opening session

Module 1: Evaluation basics

Module 2: Indoor air pollution monitoring

Module 3: Monitoring impacts on health and well-being

Module 4: Monitoring stove performance

Module 5: Monitoring socioeconomic impacts

Module 6: Starting the evaluation of your project