Infection prevention and control

5 May 2012 - What's YOUR plan?

Our 2012 call to action was “create your action plan based on your facility's results using the WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework". Congratulations to everyone who has worked hard to be part of the celebrations for the fourth year of WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands. The commitment again has been overwhelming and demonstrates that there is truly a global momentum for improving patient safety through clean hands year on year.

This year has seen celebrations on a number of days, including on 5 May in many countries where Saturday is a regular working weekday, as in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, and in many other parts of the world on 7 May. A new congratulations message is now available to acknowledge all your efforts towards 5 May! The template action plans that were prepared and issued by WHO to support you all with your improvement efforts have so far been downloaded over 6000 times; you can continue to download and use any of the WHO tools to support your actions. WHO also received copies of examples of local action plans - thank you to those who shared theirs with us.

We suggested five steps in the 2012 call to action heading to 5 May:

  • January – What's YOUR Plan? Have you used the WHO Hand Hygiene Self-Assessment Framework (HHSAF) to know how your facility is progressing with hand hygiene improvement? If not, use it now as the focus for 5 May is on YOUR Plans, based on your HHSAF results!
  • February – What's YOUR Plan? Have you carefully analysed your own WHO HHSAF results? Based on these results, it's now time to plan your actions to improve and sustain hand hygiene! Use the WHO Targeted Action Plan Templates that will be provided shortly to guide YOUR plans!
  • March – What's YOUR Plan? Have you made YOUR facility's plan? Are you discussing and engaging with other key players for success and who can help with your action plan to ensure success? Identify at least one or more actions that can be accomplished by or on 5 May 2012 to show YOUR facility's commitment to improving hand hygiene!
  • April – What's YOUR Plan? Is your targeted plan ready for use now, is everyone engaged in supporting its success? If yes, place your Action Plan on your web pages and share the web site address with so it can feature on WHO web pages. Are you ready for YOUR 5 May activities/celebrations focused on one or more selected actions from your plan?
  • May – What's YOUR Plan? Celebrate on 5 or 7 May! Involve staff and the facility's leadership in your selected action(s) and/or report their results! If you haven't yet, issue YOUR targeted Action Plan, and progress your facility's hand hygiene improvement now, sharing your web page link featuring your plans with WHO to be featured on our pages.