Infection prevention and control

Injection safety campaign

WHO has developed a campaign on injection safety called 'Get the Point – Make smart injection choices', calling for everyone involved in the prescription, supply, provision and administration of injections to make smart injection choices – these include injections that prevent re-use. Priority actions include changes in injection safety policy at national and sub national level, advocacy, information and communication by WHO and our partners.

Among others, the campaign targets injection providers, policy-makers, patients, and the community by raising awareness about the risks of unsafe injections and promoting safe injection practices. Ministries of Health and stakeholders need to take leadership decisions using WHO guidelines as the main reference and adopting them to their settings. By investing in injection safety countries at national and sub national level can actually save money on health care expenditure that occur as a result of unsafe injection practices and burden the health system of the country. The campaign aims to ensure that all injections given are actually necessary, and will not harm the recipient, expose the provider to any avoidable risk or result in waste that is dangerous to the community. Making smart injection choices will also help to reduce the burden of avoidable infections on healthcare provision and expenditure.