About the Global Influenza Programme

The Global Influenza Programme (GIP) provides Member States with strategic guidance, technical support and coordination of activities essential to make their health systems better prepared against seasonal, zoonotic and pandemic influenza threats to populations and individuals.

Our goals

The goals of the Global Influenza Programme are to:

  • Monitor and track influenza outbreaks.
  • Generate and transfer knowledge and technical guidance about influenza.
  • Guide and support countries to develop and strengthen influenza control programmes.
  • Identify gaps in knowledge about the disease and foster research to fill these gaps.
  • Facilitate more equitable access to vaccines and antiviral medicines.
  • Provide global health leadership to prevent and control influenza.

Our activities

The following are examples of the work of the Global Influenza Programme:

  • Monitored the A (H1N1) 2009 pandemic and provided weekly updates.
  • Twice a year, experts meet under GIP auspices to recommend the influenza vaccines composition for the next influenza season. Vaccine composition is recommended on the basis of information provided by Member States to the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) through their National Influenza Centres.
  • Provide regular training courses for national influenza laboratories.
  • Provide guidelines for influenza programmes.
  • Develop projects with partners for improved patient case management at the household level.
  • Support development of national pandemic preparedness plans through, for example, capacity building activities and simulation exercises.

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