Advisory Group

The Advisory Group (AG) is part of the PIP Framework's "Governance and Review" structure. Its functions include monitoring implementation of the PIP Framework, and providing evidence-based reporting, assessment and recommendations regarding its functioning. Among its many areas of work, the AG interacts with industry and other stakeholders and provides advice to the Director-General on the use of the Partnership Contribution. The AG also provides to the Director-General an annual report on its evaluation of implementation of the PIP Framework.

Members of the PIP Advisory Group

According to Annex 3 of the PIP Framework, the Advisory Group will be comprised of 18 members drawn from three Member States in each WHO Region. The members will have a skill mix of internationally recognized policy makers, public health experts and technical experts in the field of influenza. In the exercise of their functions the Members shall act as international experts serving WHO exclusively. They will serve three year terms.

The biographies of current, as well as previous, AG members can be found here:

Handling of Influenza Genetic Sequence Data under the PIP Framework

Representation of the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS) at Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework Meetings

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Notice to Stakeholders

All stakeholders are reminded that contact with the Advisory Group or its members should take place only through established channels during Advisory Group sessions. Stakeholders are kindly asked to respect this principle that ensures the integrity of the Advisory Group, its membership and its processes and proceedings. Any Advisory Group member contacted directly by any stakeholder should remind the stakeholder of this notice.

Advisory Group

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11 - 13 April 2018

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Information on WHO’s collaboration with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity and other relevant international organizations can be found at the following link: This page also contains the Secretariat’s study: Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol and Pathogen Sharing: Public Health Implications, which is available in all WHO official languages.

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