Partnership Contribution Implementation

The PIP Framework established a Benefit Sharing System that includes an annual Partnership Contribution (PC) to WHO from influenza vaccine, diagnostic and pharmaceutical manufacturers using the WHO Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS). The amount of the annual contribution is equivalent to 50% of the running costs of the GISRS . These contributions have been collected annually since 2012. The distribution of these funds between industry partners is based on transparency, equity and the nature and capacity of their businesses in the influenza product market. The contributions are used to strengthen pandemic preparedness and response capacities, mostly in developing countries where they are weak.

The majority of preparedness activities are under the responsibility of the WHO Regional Offices that work through Country Offices to strengthen capacities where they are most needed at the field level.


Partnership Contribution Implementation Plan II

Partnership Contribution Implementation Plan, 2013-2016

Progress reporting

Partnership Contribution Implementation Annual Reports

Distribution of funds