SMTA2: Signed Agreements and benefits

A Standard Material Transfer Agreement 2 (SMTA2) is a contract between WHO and a non-GISRS entity (a company, lab, or other type of institution) that has received PIP Biological Materials from GISRS.

For more information about the SMTA2s and different categories of SMTA2 signatories please visit the SMTA2 main page:

Agreements with manufacturers of vaccines and/or antivirals

To date WHO has concluded 11 agreements with vaccine and antiviral manufacturers and through these SMTA2s has secured approximately four times the amount of pandemic vaccine available during the H1N1 pandemic. These signatories include 5 multinational companies and the largest developing country manufacturer.

Agreements with manufacturers of other pandemic related products

Under this category WHO expects to secure access to products such as diagnostics test kits, ancillary products and surveillance related equipment. One agreement has been signed with a large diagnostic manufacturer and negotiations are underway with several other manufacturers of diagnostics.

Agreements with academic & research institutions

Under the SMTA2 academic and research institutions are encouraged, but not required, to contribute a benefit listed in Annex 2 of the PIP Framework.

To date WHO has concluded 63 agreements with academic and research institutions and received 25 benefit-sharing offers. Most of these institutions have offered to provide Laboratory and Surveillance Capacity Building as a benefit contribution.

The Secretariat is in the process of working with these institutions to implement the offers. More details will follow.