WHO guidelines for global surveillance of influenza A/H5

6 February 2004

  • Rationale and objectives
    • Tools to assist in the implementation of surveillance of influenza A/H5 viral infection
    • Monitoring the global occurrence of influenza A/H5 viral infection in humans.
    • Identifying and characterizing any emergent influenza strain so as to inform control strategies.
    • Monitoring changes in transmission patterns and detecting potential human-to-human transmission of influenza A/H5 viruses.
    • Monitoring of unusual morbidity and mortality due to acute respiratory illness
    • Monitoring the global activity of influenza A/H5 viruses in animal populations


  • Annex 1. Case definitions used in Viet Nam
  • Annex 2. Template for daily country summary
  • Annex 3. Template for line-listing
  • Annex 4. Data dictionary for line-listing
  • Annex 5. Template for case report form
  • Annex 6. WHO reference laboratories for diagnosis of influenza A/H5 infection
  • Annex 7. Contact details for reporting to WHO