Global action plan for influenza vaccines

Dr Daniel Reynders

Head of the International Relations Unit at the Belgian Federal Public Service (FPS) of Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment

Dr Daniel Reynders has served as public health officer for around 15 years (mostly in Central Africa) and as Consultant to the World Health Organisation.

Present activities and mandates of Dr Reynders include:

  • WHO International Health Regulations Focal Point for Belgium and National Focal Point for the Early Warning and Response System (EWRS) of the European Union
  • Member of the Standing Committee of the Regional Committeefor Europe (WHO/EURO)
  • Alternate member of the Executive Board (WHO/HQ)
  • Belgium's representative to the ECDC Management Board
  • Belgium's representative to the Health Security Committee (European Council and Commission)
  • Belgium's representative to the European Commission's Networks Committee

Dr Reynders took part in:

  • H1N1 pandemic management, both nationally (as deputy Interministerial Commissioner Influenza) and internationally
  • Implementing a Health Vigilance Unit within the Directorate-General for Primary Health Care and Crisis Management at the Belgian FPS of Health
  • Preparing response plans to potential health crises, including terrorism (e.g. flu pandemic, smallpox, SARS, heat prevention plan, etc.)
  • Managing several health crises (since 1999)