Global action plan for influenza vaccines

Professor Amine Slim

Head, Microbiology Department, National Influenza Centre, Charles Nicolle Hospital, Tunis

Prof Amine Slim was born in Sousse (East coast of Tunisia) on 4th september 1953. He succeeded at the French Baccalaureat in June 1970 and then decided to study medicine. After one preparatory year at the science faculty in Tunis, he integrated for 5 years the Faculty of Medicine at Tunis and then finished two years of hospital duties in 1977. He succeeded in the national concourse for resident hospital in April 1978 and decided to specialize in Microbiology at the Pr. Ali Boujnah Service in Charles Nicolle Hospital from 1978 to 1982. He learnt Virology under the shoulder of Prof Paul Tournier when he came to Tunis for a Sabbatic year in 1979.

Prof Paul Tournier proposed him to upgrade in Virology for a year (October 1980 - September 1981) at his virology department in Paris, Kremlin-Bicetre Hospital. Turning back to Tunis, Dr Slim succeeded at the national concourse of Assistant in Microbiology in October 1982 and started to be an assistant responsible for the Virology Unit of Prof Ali Boujnah in January 1983.

He had to manage the National Influenza Center from this period and upgraded the virology department by introducing Elisa Techniques (1983) and IFI (1985). The virology unit became a national Lab Center for HIV in 1986 and for Measles and Rubella in 1998 and started molecular biology for HIV in 2000. The virology unit starts sequencing for HIV in 2009 and for Influenza viruses in 2010. Also, the unit became a reference Lab for Molecular antibiotic resistance in 2002 under the guidance of Prof Saïda Ben Redjeb as Head of the service when Prof Boujah retired in 1989. Dr Slim was appointed head of the Microbiology Lab in February 2010 after retirement of Prof Ben Redjeb.

Collaboration with WHO started in 1983 as NIC. Prof Slim then worked as Temporary Adviser at numerous meetings in the EMRO region.

Prof Slim also collaborated actively with Pr. Alan Hay (former director of NIMR, London), Prof Claude Hannoun (Former director of Influenza at Pasteur Institute, Paris), Prof Francoise Brun-Vezinet, Prof Luc Montagnier (as member of the Unesco Foundation against Aids). He collaborated with the French Society of Microbiology as corresponding Member from 1992 to 2002; assumed the charge of General Secretary of The Tunisian Society of Clinical Biology from 1989 to 1995, and then of Secretary general of the Tunisian Infectiology Society (from 1999 to 2005).

Prof Slim is Author or Co-author of about 70 papers and more then 200 oral communications /posters from 1981 to date. He is married and has two daughters.