Global action plan for influenza vaccines

News Digest 2011


An analysis of national target groups for monovalent 2009 pandemic influenza vaccine and trivalent seasonal influenza vaccines in 2009-10 and 2010-11

August 26 - Differences in target groups between countries may reflect variable objectives as well as uncertainties regarding the transmission dynamics, severity and age-specific immunity against influenza viruses before and after vaccination. Clarification on these points is essential to elucidate optimal and object-oriented vaccination strategies.

Vaccins: une étude montre la rareté des effets indésirables

Aout 26 - Pour la première fois depuis 1994, l'Institut de médecine américain (IOM), qui dépend de l'Académie des sciences, publie un rapport très documenté sur les risques liés à huit vaccins fréquemment administrés. Cette synthèse de plus d'un millier d'études montre que les effets secondaires graves causés à la suite d'injections restent très rares. Quant aux vaccins contre la grippe saisonnière, ils n'aggravent pas l'asthme et ne sont pas responsables de paralysies faciales périphériques.

Trudeau Institute announces a discovery in how FluMist elicits protection

August 23 - New research from the Trudeau Institute may help to explain why live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV), commonly known as FluMist, elicits protection. The research is published in this month's issue of Vaccine. The journal article is entitled "Live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) impacts innate and adaptive immune responses" and was authored by Trudeau Institute scientist Dr. Laura Haynes and her colleagues.

Unair Researchers Discover Avian Flu Vaccine

August 23 - Researchers at Airlangga University (Unair) in Surabaya say they have discovered an avian flu vaccine for humans. The discovery was made during a six-month research project at the university’s Avian Influenza Research Center laboratory.

Flu vaccine could help sleep disorder sufferers

August 23 -The sleep condition narcolepsy could be prevented with a flu vaccine, researchers have discovered.

Govt warned against centrally procuring flu vaccine

August 23 - Government plans for a new central purchasing system for the seasonal flu vaccine have been strongly criticised by GPs and pharmacists. Currently, GPs order vaccines for seasonal flu directly from manufacturers or their suppliers, and are paid for providing the service through their contract. But under the proposed central system, the Department of Health would hold a contract with manufacturers and order vaccine based on data on requirements supplied by GPs, who would then place orders for vaccine with the Department.

Study of CSL's Fluvax finds higher local reaction rates in adults

August 23 - An Australian study that compared levels of adverse reactions in adults who received two different flu vaccines in 2010 has found a higher level of injection site reactions in those who received Fluvax, the CSL Biotherapies vaccine that was linked to febrile seizures in young children. The report, published yesterday in an early online edition of Vaccine, also contains new details about the how the vaccine is made, with the authors speculating that reactions might stem from possible problems related to a chemical process CSL uses to inactivate and split the flu vaccine viruses.

H. influenzae disease rising among adults, especially the elderly

August 23 - A study shows that seniors have a 12-fold greater risk of infection than younger adults, highlighting the need for a vaccine.

Swine flu infections trigger narcolepsy, not vaccine, says study

August 22 - Swine flu infections could trigger a rare sleeping disorder, according to research that contradicts previous fears that a vaccine to protect against the virus was to blame.

Public Health Ministry: Flu vaccines prepared

August 22 -The Ministry of Public Health of Thailand has prepared 2.5 million doses of vaccine against three strains of influenza for people, especially those in risky groups to prevent them from seasonal influenza.

University synthesizes flu vaccine seed stock

August 22 - The Avian Influenza Research Center at Airlangga University in Surabaya has synthesized avian influenza vaccine seed stocks.

Influenza Vaccination Coverage Among Health-Care Personnel - United States, 2010-11 Influenza Season

August 19 - The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee recommend that all U.S. health-care personnel (HCP) be vaccinated annually against influenza. To update data with estimates from the 2010--11 influenza season, CDC conducted an Internet-based survey of 1,931 HCP who participated in three online survey panels. This report summarizes the results of that survey, which indicated that overall influenza vaccination coverage among HCP was 63.5% during the 2010--11 influenza season, similar to coverage for the 2009--10 season.

H1N1 Flu Vaccine Safe in Patients with Kidney Failure or Transplant

August 19 - Marta Crespo, MD, and Julio Pascual, MD, PhD (Parc de Salut Mer, Barcelona, Spain), have now evaluated the efficacy of the H1N1 vaccine in patients who had received a kidney transplant, as well as those on hemodialysis. They found the vaccine was safe in kidney patients, but using a single dose of the vaccine produced a poor response in patients, according to a study recently published in the Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology.

Justificada advertencia de una sociedad médica por la vacunación antigripal

Agosto 19 - La Sociedad Argentina de Pediatría destacó un informe realizado recientemente por médicos, que señalaron que la mayoría de los chicos recibe la dosis inicial, pero muy pocos completan la inmunización y, de ese modo, quedan expuestos a la influenza que, en grupos vulnerables como las embarazadas y los bebés, puede ser fatal.

Flu Fighter: Researcher Examines Vaccine Use in Toddlers

August 18 - Children younger than 3 years old receive the same protective antibody response from the recommended two doses of licensed seasonal influenza vaccines regardless of whether the two doses are injected by needle, inhaled through a nasal spray or provided through one dose of each in any order, according to researchers funded by the National Institutes of Health.

Murcia se queda fuera de la compra centralizada de las vacunas de la gripe

Agosto 19 - El Ministerio de Sanidad y ocho comunidades autónomas firmaron ayer la compra conjunta de las vacunas de la gripe para la campaña del próximo otoño. El sistema nacional de salud ha conseguido ahorrar tres millones de euros gracias a esta operación centralizada, que ha permitido reducir los precios de cada dosis. No así la Región de Murcia.

Don't Skip This Year's Flu Shot: CDC

August 18 - The 2011-12 flu vaccine protects against seasonal flu and H1N1, just like last year's, but that doesn't mean it's OK to skip your yearly flu shot, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warn.

CDC updates flu vaccination recommendations

August 18 - With shipments of influenza vaccine for the upcoming season arriving at healthcare providers' offices, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today released its advisory group's latest recommendations, which have a few changes that apply mainly to younger children and people who have egg allergies.

Seasonal, swine flu vaccines must for Hajj pilgrims

August 17 - Seasonal and swine flu vaccination have made mandatory for intending Hajj pilgrims to protect them from viral diseases.

Pharmacists to be trained to give flu vaccine

August 17 - Training for pharmacists to allow them to administer the flu vaccine this winter has been put in place, the Irish Pharmacy Union has said.

TAU researchers discover clues to predict flu epidemic

August 17 - Until now, scientists were in the dark about what distinguishes the “swine flu” from the ordinary type in pigs or seasonal outbreaks in humans. Prof. Nir Ben-Tal of Tel Aviv University’s biochemistry and molecular biology department and his graduate student, Daphna Meroz, in collaboration with Dr. Tomer Hertz of Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, have developed a unique computational method to address this question. Because of the enormous mutation rate, viruses can spread widely and rapidly, and vaccines are fairly inefficient.

Se cumplió con el 100% de aplicación de la vacuna para la Gripe A H1N1, en la región

Agosto 16 - El Ministerio de Salud bonaerense instó a los padres de niños entre 6 meses y 2 años a que los lleven a aplicarse la segunda dosis de vacuna contra la gripe A (H1N1), que es gratuita y está disponible en todos los vacunatorios públicos. También se recomendó a todas las embarazadas que aún no se inmunizaron a “vacunarse cuanto antes”, dado que este grupo de riesgo resulta altamente vulnerable frente a ese virus. “Los chicos de entre 6 meses y 2 años deben recibir dos dosis con un intervalo de 30 días entre una y otra para quedar completamente inmunizados, y así evitar posibles complicaciones posteriores”, recordó el ministro Alejandro Collia.

Flu Vaccine in Pregnancy Benefits Baby, Too

August 16 - Influenza vaccination appears to improve neonatal outcomes, but coverage remains inadequate among pregnant women. Women who received at least one flu vaccine also were significantly less likely to require an antepartum visit or hospital admission than those who did not.

Study reveals obesity link to seasonal flu hospitalizations

August 16 - A link between obesity and 2009 H1N1 flu complications was one of the surprising findings during the pandemic, and now a Canadian research group has uncovered a similar connection between obesity and respiratory hospitalizations during seasonal flu months. The growing body of evidence about obesity as a flu complication risk is already helping guide flu vaccine recommendations.

Study supports overall effectiveness of 2009 H1N1 vaccine

August 15 – A large, multi-center study of how well the 2009 H1N1 vaccines performed in the United States during the pandemic found that it offered significant protection, especially in older children and nonelderly adults, and had the ability to cut the number of flu-related doctor visits by at least half.

New superhero to combat the flu

August 15 - The unpredictability of new pandemics highlights the need for better treatments that target all influenza viruses - FI6 represents an important new option and we look forward to taking it through to the next stage of development.

Las diez claves del regreso de la gripe A

Agosto 14 - Tras la pandemia que en 2009 se cobró la vida de 64 uruguayos, en 2010 el MSP consideró a la gripe A H1N1 caso cerrado y la preocupación se transformó en olvido. Este año el virus volvió a demostrar que no perdona. Ya es un virus estacional, en eso concuerdan todos los entendidos. Circula prácticamente a la par de los virus estacionales y la vacuna contra la gripe ha demostrado ser eficaz contra la cepa que en 2009 fue fatal. El año pasado prácticamente no se oyó hablar de ella.

Vaccine against classical swine-flu developed

August 13 - The Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals, Palode, has successfully developed a vaccine against classical swine flu, a nightmare for pig farmers in the country. Minister for Agriculture and Animal Husbandry K P Mohanan will dedicate this vaccine to the people at a function to be held on the institute premises on Wednesday.

Serum-free microcarrier based production of replication deficient Influenza vaccine candidate virus lacking NS1 using Vero cells

August 11 - Comparing the two types of commercially available Influenza vaccine, the live attenuated virus vaccine is more cross-reactive and easier to administer than the traditional inactivated vaccines.

Influenza 2011/12: raccomandazioni, prevenzione, controllo

Agosto 11 - La Direzione Generale della Prevenzione Sanitaria ha predisposto la Circolare annuale recante indicazioni per la prevenzione ed il controllo dell’influenza stagionale. Il documento è stato rivisto con l’Istituto Superiore di Sanità per gli aggiornamenti tecnico-epidemiologici. Dai dati raccolti dall’OMS risulta che il virus pandemico A/H1N1v ha essenzialmente co-circolato con i virus A/H3N2 e B. La circolazione nel mondo del virus A/H1N1v per la seconda stagione consecutiva, suggerisce la possibilità che esso continui a circolare anche il prossimo inverno e, pertanto, è stato incluso nella composizione del vaccino per la prossima stagione influenzale.

New Discovery in Battle Against Infections

August 10 - Researchers from Dr. Woodland's lab at the Trudeau Institute have now identified a previously unknown link between the migration of white blood cells to infected tissues and the ability of these cells to survive and become long-lived memory cells after the infection has been cleared. The study focused on influenza and tuberculosis infections. The lab envisions the findings will lead to the development of additives that act to boost vaccine efficacy.

Découverte d’un anticorps efficace contre une trentaine de souches du virus de la grippe

Août 10 - La mise au point d’un vaccin universel contre le virus de la grippe serait-elle pour demain? C’est ce que laissent entrevoir les travaux de chercheurs américains, qui viennent d’être publiés dans les Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Ces derniers ont découvert un anticorps humain capable de neutraliser 30 des 36 souches connues du virus de la grippe.

Latest flu vaccine to be produced locally

August 4 - The Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) can now produce the live-attenuated-type vaccine for H1N1 2009 influenza in cooperation with a Russian institute. Production of the live-attenuated-type vaccine is 30 times as fast as the inactivated type. It is also more effective, as it can be taken through a nasal spray, which is easier and more efficient to use, said GPO chairman Dr Wichai Chokewiwat.

NOVAVAX and the Mexican Social Security Institute Publish Results From H1N1 Influenza Vaccine Trial in Mexico

August 4 - Novavax, Inc. (Nasdaq:NVAX) and Specialties Hospital of the National Medical Center, Mexico City, today announced the publication of safety and immunogenicity results from a clinical study of Novavax's A/H1N1 virus-like-particle (VLP) pandemic influenza vaccine candidate in the journal Vaccine. The study data showed that hemagglutination-inhibiting (HAI) antibody responses to the vaccine fulfilled the immunogenicity criteria that are required to be considered for accelerated approval of seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccines by the US FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research.

J'ai une grippe

Août 4 - Tous les ans, l'Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS) réalise une mise à jour du vaccin pour tenir compte de la variabilité du virus. L'hiver dernier, par exemple, le célèbre H1N1, responsable de la pandémie de 2009-2010, était associé aux souches traditionnelles de la grippe saisonnière. D'autres virus donnent des symptômes voisins de la grippe. Ce n'est pas une raison pour ne pas se faire vacciner.

Bientôt un vaccin universel contre la grippe A?

Août 3 - L'espoir d'obtenir un vaccin universel contre la grippe A se précise avec la découverte du premier anticorps capable de neutraliser tous les sous-types de ce virus responsable d'une pandémie mondiale en 2009, selon une étude publiée cette semaine dans la revue Science.

Mitigating effects of vaccination on influenza outbreaks given constraints in stockpile size and daily administration capacity

August 2 - Influenza viruses are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Vaccination remains a powerful tool for preventing or mitigating influenza outbreaks. Yet, vaccine supplies and daily administration capacities are limited, even in developed countries. Understanding how such constraints can alter the mitigating effects of vaccination is a crucial part of influenza preparedness plans.

Grippe A : un espoir de vaccin universel

Août 1 - Une étude publiée cette semaine indique qu’un anticorps capable de neutraliser les sous-types du virus de la grippe A a été découvert. Les scientifiques espèrent, grâce à cette avancée, pouvoir mettre rapidement un vaccin universel au point.