Global action plan for influenza vaccines

OBJECTIVE 3. Research and development

The third GAP approach acknowledged and encouraged the research and development being undertaken by the research community and the vaccine industry – to design more potent and effective vaccines that are: (a) capable of inducing protective responses after one dose, and/or (b) induce broad-spectrum and long-lasting immunity against both seasonal and pandemic influenza strains.


WHO/Tom Pietrasik

Develop more effective influenza vaccines using new technologies.
The ideal product profile is a vaccine which:

  • is safe and highly protective, preferably in all target groups, including infants, the elderly, pregnant women and immunosuppressed individuals
  • is easily and inexpensively produced on a large scale
  • is effective - preferably with a low dose of antigen
  • is delivered, ideally, as a single dose
  • is thermostable; and
  • offers protection for a minimum duration of one year, including protection against antigenically drifted viruses


  • WHO commissioned or prepared reviews on sustainable production technology appropriate in developing countries and related intellectual property rights.
  • Regular consultations were conducted to bring together vaccine researchers and public health professionals to discuss pandemic influenza prototype vaccines and vaccines that can potentially induce broader spectrum and longer lasting immunity against both seasonal and pandemic influenza strains. Significant progress has been achieved with new vaccine formulations.
  • An internet-based database was established to provide non-restricted information on clinical trials of candidate pandemic influenza vaccines. This is updated and complemented with data from technical meetings, publications and direct contacts with manufacturers and investigators in charge of clinical trials.

Background information:

GAP I, 2-3 May 2006, Geneva

GAP II, 12-14 July 2011, Geneva

Topics of interest suggested for discussion in working groups:

  • Vaccine pipeline
  • New vaccine platforms and formulations
  • Alternative non-HA based vaccines that offer broad spectrum and long lasting immunity
  • Alternative vaccine delivery methods