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SIGNpost is a weekly, electronic mail newsletter about safe and appropriate use of injections. All postings are issued in text format and include a table of content to facilitate access to key points. All members of the SIGN Forum are invited to submit messages, comment on any posting or to use the forum to request technical information in relation to injection safety. For more information about SIGNpost, you may review a presentation made at the 2001 SIGN meeting and read a note published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

The SIGN Internet Forum was established at the initiative of the SIGN secretariat at the World Health Organization's Department of Blood Safety and Clinical Technology. The SIGN Forum is moderated by Allan Bass and is hosted on the Australian Centre for International and Tropical Health and Nutrition computer network. The comments made in this forum are the sole responsibility of the writers and does not in any way mean that they are endorsed by WHO or by any of the organizations and agencies to which the authors may belong.

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