Mr Tshediso Matona

Deputy Director-General in South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry

Tshediso Matona

Mr Matona holds degrees in economics from the Universities of Cape Town (South Africa) and East Anglia (UK), and certificates in trade law and management in government from Maastricht University (Netherlands) and Harvard University's JF Kennedy School of Government (USA).

An economist and trade policy expert, Mr Tshediso Matona is a senior trade officer in South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry. He currently holds the post of Deputy Director-General in which he oversees South Africa's trade policy and trade negotiations. Mr Matona has nearly ten years experience in trade policy practice, and having been involved in the early free trade negotiations that South Africa initiated with the European Union, and with neighbouring countries in the Southern African Development Community and the Southern African Customs Union.

In 1996-98, Mr Matona worked in Geneva, Switzerland, as the head of South Africa's Permanent Trade Mission to the World Trade Organization and the United Nations economic agencies. Currently, Mr Matona oversees South Africa's participation in the WTO Doha Round negotiations, and the bilateral free trade negotiations with the United States, European Free Trade Association, and the South American trade bloc Mercosur.

Mr Matona's professional experience has given him a high-level understanding of current topical trade policy issues, in both multilateral (WTO) and bilateral contexts, including inter alia, market access and trade-related investment, environment, intellectual property rights issues. During 1999-2000, he was part of a team that negotiated with the United States over the latter's concerns about intellectual property aspects of South Africa's Medicines and Related Substances Control Act of 1997, and was involved in negotiations of the TRIPS and Public Health issue in the WTO prior to and after the Doha meeting.