First Discussion

To start this process, we are posting on the forum a Framework Paper that the Commission has agreed which describes the range of issues that the Commission considers important in addressing its terms of reference. This will also form the basis for studies that are now being initiated to inform the Commission.

The Commission would like to hear from individuals and institutions whether in their view the Framework Paper adequately covers the ground:

:: What is the most important aspect of the Commission's work?

:: Should more attention be given to some issues than others?

:: Are there important issues omitted?

:: Are there particular pieces of evidence that should be drawn to the Commission's attention?

We intend to run this initial discussion for four weeks. At the end of that period the Secretariat will post a summary of the discussion which will be circulated to the Commission and posted on the CIPIH web site.

Thereafter, we intend to initiate a number of discussions concentrating on particular topics relevant to the work of the Commission.

We look forward to an interesting, informative and inclusive debate.

Secretariat of the Commission on
Intellectual Property Rights,
Innovation and Public Health (CIPIH)

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