"Case Studies: developing innovative capacity in developing countries to meet their health needs"

Managed by Rachelle Harris, The Centre for the Management of Intellectual Property in Health Research and Development

India component- Hiro R Bhojwani

China component- Zezhong Li (in collaboration with Ke WEN and Guang CHEN-CHEN)

South Africa component- Sibongile Pefile

Brazil component- Claudia Chamas

This study will review, classify and define the current state of innovative capacity in China, South Africa, Brazil and India. It will seek to identify and define sets of policies at the national level that have contributed to the successful building of innovative capacity in health research and innovation, particularly in respect of diseases that disproportionately affect developing countries. This includes the range of enabling policies, including IP management, regulation and government policies more generally. The study will also review the role of developed country collaborative and funding programmes in stimulating innovative capacity building. Review the evidence on the conditions necessary to make the local manufacture of drugs and other medical products a viable option for the four countries.