"Public-Private Partnerships for Product Development: Financial, scientific and managerial issues as challenges to future success"

Elisabeth Ziemba, SHARED Inc.

The purpose of this study is to examine certain aspects of public-private partnerships for product development to measure their progress as well as challenges in certain key areas. While the concept of Public-Private Partnerships for Product Development (PPP-PDs) is a relatively recent phenomenon, approximately five years have passed since the majority of these entities were created. Issues relating to financial sustainability, governance and accountability, portfolio management of scientific research, capacity development in developing countries, and plans for product delivery are capable of measurement and review at this point in the history of PPP-PDs to identify challenges to future success. In addition, opportunities for collective activity are apparent. The object of this study is to identify for the World Health Organization additional steps to increase the likelihood of product development and distribution for medicines, vaccines and devices for neglected diseases by PPP-PDs. The goal is to ensure that products developed for neglected diseases reach people in developing countries as soon as possible to reduce disease burden and improve health.