IOMC and SAICM Emerging Policy Issues

Lead in paint

As stated in resolution II/4, Part B, ICCM2 endorsed a global partnership to promote phasing out the use of lead in paints. In particular the partnership should develop a business plan articulating clear milestones for progress in achieving a global phase-out of lead in paint in the following areas:

  • Raising awareness of toxicity to human health and the environment and alternatives;

  • Guidance and assistance to identify potential lead exposure;

  • Assistance to industry (manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers);

  • Prevention programmes to reduce exposure; and

  • Promotion of national regulatory frameworks.

ICCM2 invited UNEP and WHO to serve as the secretariat of the global partnership. The partnership should report on progress to ICCM3 in 2012.

A web site will be established as a portal to background information.