IOMC and SAICM Emerging Policy Issues

Managing perfluorinated chemicals and the transition to safer alternatives

As stated in resolution resolution II/5, this project will contribute to:

  • Information gathering activities, such as the recently developed OECD survey of product content and environmental release information on perfluorinated sulfonate, perfluorooctanoic acid, their related substances and products and mixtures containing these substances;

  • Information exchange on alternatives currently in use, including short-chain length fluorocarbons, and potentially safer alternative substances or technologies for their use; on criteria for alternatives; on the necessity and possibility of technology transfer; on progress in and examples of regulatory actions and voluntary programmes; on monitoring; on emissions; on exposure; on environmental fate and transport; and on the potential effects of perfluorinated chemicals and alternatives on human health and the environment.

ICCM2 invited the OECD and other IOMC organizations, to consider the development, facilitation and promotion in an open, transparent and inclusive manner of national and international stewardship programmes and regulatory approaches to reduce emissions and the content of relevant perfluorinated chemicals of concern in products and to work toward global elimination, where appropriate and technically feasible. A report on progress will be submitted to ICCM3 in 2012.