IOMC was a co-convenor, together with UNEP and IFCS, of the first International Conference on Chemical Safety (ICCM) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in 2006 that finalized and endorsed the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM).

During the first ICCM in February 2006, the nine Executive Heads of agencies cooperating in the IOMC issued a Joint Statement about their participation in the implementation of the SAICM.

IOMC plays a key role in the implementation of government-mandated priorities agreed for SAICM. IOMC organizations are currently assisting countries in undertaking projects and are developing additional project proposals under the SAICM Quick Start Programme. The most recent report on SAICM Implementation by IOMC organizations was issued for ICCM4, September 2015.

The SAICM Global Plan of Action lists nearly 300 activities that have as an Actor, one or more IOMC organizations. The most recent review of IOMC organizations’ implementation of the SAICM Global Plan of Action. was issued by IOMC for OEWG2.

Also for OEWG2 and ICCM4, IOMC prepared an analysis of work done to implement the SAICM GPA and 4 key issue documents on chemical accidents and emergency response, GHS, highly hazardous pesticides, and mainstreaming. The ICCM4 document includes an IOMC proposal for simple indicators of progress in SAICM implementation.

A number of IOMC documents aim to assist with SAICM implementation.

The IOMC organizations are also actively involved in the SAICM emerging policy issues agreed upon at ICCM2 in May 2009.

Some IOMC organizations have developed their own web pages about SAICM, highlighting the issues of particular importance to their sectors and mandates. Please follow the links below: