Ionizing radiation

WHO/REMPAN Collaborating Centres and Liaison Institutions


  • To promote medical preparedness for radiation emergencies WHO Member States;
  • To provide medical and public health advice, assistance and coordination of medical management at international and regional levels in nuclear or radiological emergencies;
  • To assist in follow-up studies and rehabilitation

Terms of reference (ToR)

  • serve as regional or nation focal point for advice and possible medical care in cases of radiation injuries in humans;
  • facilitate the development of national infrastructure for medical management of radiation emergencies;
  • assist in national and international medical emergency plans for major radionuclear accidents;
  • assist WHO to prepare relevant documents and guidelines for Member States by nominating experts to task groups;
  • provide training in radiation medicine at national and international level;
  • distribute relevant information to the medical community and the public;
  • assist with scientific investigations on radiation effects on humans.