Ionizing radiation

WHO/REMPAN Collaborating Centres and Liaison Institutions


To promote medical and public health preparedness of Member States for radiation emergencies REMPAN participants serve as focal points and undertake actions to plan medical management of radiation emergencies, provide training courses and seminars, and on-site assistance in planning the preparedness for radiation accidents.

WHO/REMPAN Collaborating Centres disseminate material developed within their region to liaison institutes, and act as training sites, particularly for developing countries; compile and periodically update information about the capabilities of the countries involved in the network; organize national and regional exercises and participate in international exercises.

To facilitate training in the diagnosis of radiation injuries and medical monitoring of radiation victims, the WHO International Computer Database on radiation case histories has been established within the REMPAN network. This database was developed by the WHO/REMPAN Collaborating Centre in Germany (Ulm) in cooperation with the Centres in the Russian Federation (Moscow, Chelyabinsk) and Ukraine (Kiev).

Telemedicine is seen as a facility to provide expert advise and assistance based on international consultations in radiation medicine, and is being actively encouraged within REMPAN.