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Joint IAEA and WHO Position Statement on the Bonn Call-for-Action

The International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine: Setting the Scene for the Next Decade was held 3-7 December 2012 in Bonn, Germany. It was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), co-sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO), and hosted by the Government of Germany through the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. The Conference had the specific purpose of identifying and addressing issues arising in radiation protection in medicine, and aimed to:

  • indicate gaps in current approaches to radiation protection in medicine;
  • identify tools for improving radiation protection in medicine;
  • review advances, challenges and opportunities in the field of radiation protection in medicine; and,
  • assess the impact of the International Action Plan for the Radiation Protection of Patients in order to prepare new international recommendations, taking into account newer developments.

Participants from 77 countries and 16 international organizations attended the Conference, and an important outcome was the identification of responsibilities and a proposal for priorities for stakeholders regarding radiation protection in medicine for the next decade. This specific outcome is the Bonn Call for Action. It is a statement that identifies the main actions considered to be essential for the strengthening of radiation protection in medicine. Participants and organizations who attended the Conference expressed the need for a joint statement to be issued by the IAEA and the WHO.

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