Ionizing radiation

Research coordination

Our aim is to identify ionizing radiation research needs and to promote research in key areas that will allow WHO to make better assessments of health risk associated with excessive exposure to ionizing radiation.

Major areas of our research interests are:

  • Assessment of global burden of disease from ionizing radiation risk factors with the purpose of developing cost-effective mitigation measures and providing national authorities with the tool for dealing with health risks associated with environmental radiation
  • Establishment of radiation research database containing information on studies being carried world-wide on health risks arising from exposure to ionizing radiation
  • Establishment of International Research Advisory Committee to identify gaps and under-discovered areas on health effects from low-dose exposures to ionizing radiation and consequently to promote research in these areas and assist in resource distribution
  • Integration and promotion of international research programs in the field of health effects of ionizing radiation
  • Implementation of Ionizing Radiation research program components with partner institutions

Our program is involved in a number of research projects related to health effects of ionizing radiation. Within this web site you may find information on the following: