International Programme on Chemical Safety

Draft Environmental Health Criteria Document: Principles and Methods to Assess the Risk of Immunotoxicity Associated with Exposure to Nanomaterials

The World Health Organization is developing a new Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) Document to present the current state of the art for principles and methods to assess the risk of immunotoxicity associated with exposure to nanomaterials.

The target audience for the document is risk assessors in a regulatory setting, researchers, and industry that needs to provide the data for assessment.

The draft EHC is now available for comment.

The draft document was prepared under the guidance of an international group of experts and will be finalized by an expert meeting.

The document will be linguistically and technically edited and you need not pay attention to stylistic, grammatical, or typographical defects. However, where an expression is misleading or ambiguous, please draw our attention to it. If you refer to a published article, please provide the full citation, along with a copy if the article is not available through “open access”.

In your reply please identify the page number and line number of the text on which you wish to comment. Please use the table template provided for submission of your comments, and send this to us as an email-attachment to IPCSMAIL@WHO.INT

If you do not receive an acknowledgement of receipt, please contact us again.

Completion of a WHO "Declaration of Interests" form, is a prerequisite for any comments to be considered in the further development of the draft. Please submit the form with your comments.

The deadline for comments has been extended. Comments must be received no later than Friday 18 August 2017