International Programme on Chemical Safety

IPCS events: 2007

The meetings listed below are closed to the general public and are invitation-only events.

14-16 February 2007

WHO Consultation on the Development of Stockpiles for Radiation and Chemical Emergencies
Geneva, Switzerland

12-13 March 2007

Meeting of the Working Group on Uncertainty in Exposure Assessment
Bradford, United Kingdom

19-21 March 2007

International Workshop on Aggregate/Cumulative Risk Assessment
Washington D.C., USA

26-29 March 2007

14th Final Review Board Meeting of the Concise International Chemical Assessment series
Helsinki, Finland

11-12 April 2007

Expert meeting on the IPCS Scheme for Mutagenicity Testing
Hannover, Germany

16-20 April 2007

International Chemical Safety Cards Peer-Review Meeting
Munich, Germany

30 April 2007

Joint WHO-UNEP side-event at the Third Conference of the Parties to the Stockholm Convention on Reducing the reliance on DDT while strengthening malaria control
Dakar, Senegal

10-11 May 2007

8th Meeting of the IPCS Harmonization Project Steering Committee
Berlin, Germany

24 May 2007

Extended meeting of IPCS and OECD Advisory Group on Toxicogenomics will discuss molecular screening project proposal
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA

19-28 June 2007

68th Meeting of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants (JECFA)
Geneva, Switzerland

2-4 July 2007

Fifth Meeting of Users of the INTOX Data Management System
London, United Kingdom

18-27 September 2007

Joint FAO/WHO Meeting on Pesticide Residues (JMPR)
Geneva, Switzerland

5-6 November 2007

WHO/IPCS Harmonization Project PBPK Modelling Planning Group Meeting
Buxton, United Kingdom

19-23 November 2007

International Chemical Safety Cards Peer Review Meeting
Lyon, France

10-11 December 2007

Peer review of INTOX Poisons Information Monographs
Bangkok, Thailand

10-11 December 2007

Regional Training course on INTOX Data Management System
Bangkok, Thailand