International Programme on Chemical Safety

IPCS events: 2011

The meetings listed below are closed to the general public and are invitation-only events.

15-16 February 2011

WHO OECD ILSI/HESI Workshop on Risk Assessment of Combined Exposures to Multiple Chemicals
Paris, France

10-12 May 2011

Review of Environmental Health Criteria (EHC) on Dermal Exposure
Hanover, Germany

6-9 June 2011

Peer-review meeting for International Chemical Safety Cards
Geneva, Switzerland

11-13 July 2011

Scoping meeting for WHO Guidelines on the Prevention and Management of Lead poisoning
Geneva, Switzerland

28 August 2011

WHO Continuing Education Course on Characterizing and Applying Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic Models in Risk Assessment EUROTOX 2011
Paris, France

3-5 October 2011

Immunotoxicity Risk Assessment for Chemicals: WHO/IPCS Technical workshop (3-4 October) and Drafting Group meeting (5 October)
Bilthoven, Netherlands

17-19 October 2011

International Chemical Safety Cards project: Compiler's Guide Committee meeting
Geneva, Switzerland

29-30 November 2011

Characterizing and Communicating Uncertainty and Variability in Hazard Assessment: Drafting Group meeting
Washington D.C., USA