International Programme on Chemical Safety

IPCS events: 2012

The meetings listed below are closed to the general public and are invitation-only events. The EUROTOX 2012 event (listed below) in June is open to all attendees when registering for EUROTOX.

10-12 January 2012

Technical meeting on generic human health risk assessment model for Insecticides used in aircraft disinsection
London, United Kingdom

14-16 February 2012

Harmonization of approaches to the assessment of risk from exposure to chemicals: Mode of Action Writing group meeting
Ispra, Italy

28-30 March 2012

Second WHO Meeting on Global Collaboration in Chemical Risk Assessment: Strengthening Capacity Building and Networking, with associated Workshop
Bonn, Germany

4-8 June 2012

Peer-review meeting for International Chemical Safety Cards
Bologna, Italy

17 June 2012

WHO Continuing Education Course on Risk Assessment of Immunotoxicity for Chemicals and WHO/ILSI Continuing Education Course on Risk Assessment of Combined Exposures to Multiple Chemicals EUROTOX 2012
Stockholm, Sweden

24-26 October 2012

International Chemical Safety Cards: Compiler's Guide Committee meeting
Geneva, Switzerland