International Programme on Chemical Safety

Peer Review Meeting for International Chemical Safety Cards

Date: 14-18 May 2018
Place: World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

The International Chemical Safety Cards (ICSC) provide essential health and safety information on chemicals to promote their safe use. The ICSCs are a joint activity between WHO and the International Labour Organization.

A meeting for the ICSCs is being convened by WHO and ILO for experts to peer review proposals to update the information on some existing ICSCs. In accordance with WHO procedures for declarations of interest, the details of the proposed participants for the meeting are being published for public consultation until Tuesday 27 February 2018. Contact:


The Published Information is provided by the experts themselves and is the sole responsibility of the individuals concerned. WHO is not responsible for the accuracy, veracity and completeness of the Published Information provided. Furthermore, in no event will WHO be responsible or liable for damages in relation to the use of, and reliance upon, the Published Information.

The comments received by WHO through the public notice and comment process are treated confidentially and their receipt will be acknowledged through a generic email notification to the sender. Comments and perceptions brought to the knowledge of WHO through this process are an integral component of WHO’s conflict of interest assessment policy and are carefully reviewed. WHO reserves the right to discuss information received through this process with the relevant expert with no attribution to the provider of such information. Upon review and assessment of the information received through this process, WHO, in its sole discretion, may take appropriate management action in accordance with its policies.

The participation of an expert in a WHO meeting does not imply that they are endorsed or recommended by the World Health Organization nor does it create a binding relationship between the expert and WHO.

The list of participating experts, a summary of relevant interests disclosed by such experts, and any appropriate mitigation measures taken by WHO relating to the management of conflicts of interests, will be reported publically in accordance with WHO practice.