International Programme on Chemical Safety

WHO Human Health Risk Assessment Toolkit: Chemical Hazards

  • Number of pages: 88
  • Publication date: 2010
  • Language:English
  • ISBN: 978 92 4 154807 6

The WHO Human Health Risk Assessment Toolkit: Chemical Hazards provides users with guidance to identify, acquire and use the information needed to assess chemical hazards, exposures and the corresponding health risks in their given health risk assessment contexts at local and/or national levels. The Toolkit contains road maps for conducting a human health risk assessment, identifies information that must be gathered to complete an assessment and lists electronic links to international resources from which the user can obtain information and methods essential for conducting the human health risk assessment.

The Toolkit has been developed for public health and environmental professionals, regulators, industrial managers and other decision-makers with at least some training in the principles of risk assessment and who have a role in assessing and managing human health risks of chemicals.